Brian Shaffer | 15 Years of Fame

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The photo mentioned during the interview with Kelly Bruce. Is that Brian Shaffer on the right?

Comparison of Brian with long hair to mystery man in photo

Better view of hall and door on 2nd floor to the left of the Saloona main entrance

The bottle of beer that could be dated to after 2008

Brian is circled in the lower right hand corner at 1:55am on April 1st

Brian is circled in the lower right hand corner at 1:55am on April 1st

Brian’s Pearl Jam Tattoo

Brian arriving at the Ugly Toona Saloona with Clint and Meredith

Brian with his mother

Fake profile using Brian Shaffer’s picture

Interior of the Ugly Toona Saloona

On far left is hallway that would lead to stairs leading to 1st floor

Main entrance to the Saloona on the 2nd floor

Side exit on the 1st floor

Back door exit on the 1st floor

Proof that police did make mistakes in identifying people on the videos

Brian and his father

Unfound Live Preview | Brian Shaffer

Map Supplemental for Brian Shaffer Episode | Google Earth Pro, Satellite, Street View & Maps

Listen to Podcast Episode

Directions from Saloona to Brian’s Apartment

The cons? Well, as I’ve talked about many times, it’s not easy to just up and leave and start a new life somewhere. And it’s not all about the money. I don’t care if you’re broke or a millionaire, it’s going to be tough to do, especially when you know people will be looking for you.

Brian would know that his father and brother would wonder where he was. He would know that his friends would wonder where he was. Brian would know law enforcement would at least give a cursory look into his disappearance. Meaning, he would have to fool all of them.

Not easy.

Moreover, except for possibly the check that was never cashed, Brian seemingly gave no indications he would walk off. No notes. No internet searches. So, if Brian started a new life, he must’ve done it with no planning.

There is also another glaring point that no one has seemed to mention over the past 15 years. If Brian really didn’t like what he was doing with his life, why did he have to walk off to change it? Why not just quit school? Why not just dump Alexis? Why not just say, “Hey, this all sucks, everyone. I’m moving to Vegas. See ya.”

By Edward Dentzel | Patreon Blog

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  1. That photo of the guy with the long hair and sunglasses looks just like Brian. I have followed this case also. Your podcast is the best by far. I have always thought there was something fishy about his disappearance. Having dinner with his father. Wanting his brother to join him. His odd comments to his girl friend about running away. Now I find out about the uncashed check. Could he have set up something for himself in Puerto Rico the summer before. I agree it’s really hard to start a new life but I believe he may still be alive.

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