A Thanksgiving Week Special: An Interview with John Lordan

In May of 2020, I was invited to be on a YouTube fundraising game show run by another true crime program host. Since then, he and I have communicated many times and we even worked together earlier this year on the Jason Landry disappearance. Today, you get to hear from . . . John Lordan.

Lonene Ray Rogers: Rewriting The Story | 266

Lonene Ray Rogers, Lonnie to those who loved her most, was a 29 year old from Saegertown, PA. She was deaf and the mother of two. On the night of Jan. 7, 1981, Lonnie was at home with her children and husband. After putting the kids to bed, Lonnie’s husband claimed she left with another man. She was never seen again.

Alicia Markovich: Any Given Sunday | 264

Area of interest https://youtu.be/inS4AbjObhU As I was preparing Alicia’s episode, a disturbing statistic came to my mind. And this thought will be the main focus of this blog. This will also give you an idea of which way I’m leaning with Alicia’s disappearance—and I’ll be revealing my theory much earlier than I usually do. However,…… Continue reading Alicia Markovich: Any Given Sunday | 264