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Episode 1 | Raising Awareness of Missing Persons: Mindsets and Method

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Starting at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on Sunday, May 24, “Raising Awareness of Missing Persons: Mindsets and Methods” will be the first Unfound on the Ground digital discussion. Encompassing care, communication, and collaboration, this is a great theme to begin the Unfound on the Ground series of discussions. Lasting about an hour and a half, the discussion will be led by Eric Grabowsky, who has a Ph.D. in Rhetoric from Duquesne University.

Beyond his teaching and study of communication within academia, Eric is a cold case journalist. He has been a guest on Unfound. Eric is part of Unfound’s assisting team. Patreon subscribers who are automatic Think Tank members will be invited to participate in this digital discussion through Zoom. Audio content from this discussion will be distributed in the future. However, for this session, your participation is important. So, if you are not a Think Tank member, now would be a great time to take that step. Please visit patreon.com/unfoundpodcast to learn more about Unfound’s subscription options on Patreon. 

Ep 2 | Researching and Analyzing Missing Persons Cases, Part 1: Developing and Maintaining Human Sources


Ep 3 | Researching and Analyzing Missing Persons Cases, Part Two: Finding Human Sources


Ep 4 | Researching and Analyzing Missing Persons Cases, Part Three: Delving into Documents

Ep 5 | Prioritizing Accuracy and Navigating Controversy for Missing Persons Cases


Ep 6 | Human Traficking and Missing Persons: Communication and Culture

Ep 7 | Geography and Mapping for Missing Persons Cases: Part 1


Ep 8 | Geography and Mapping for Missing Persons Cases Part 2 

Ep 9 | Why People Go Missing

Ep 10 | Public Perceptions of Missing Persons Cases | Unfound On The Ground

11 | A Historical Overview of Missing Persons Cases

12 | An Overview of Missing Persons Legislation

13 | Missing Persons in Native American Communities

Dr. Eric Grabowsky

Ph.D. in Rhetoric from Duquesne University

Blog | ColdCaseWeb.com: http://coldcaseweb.com/

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