Tinker Lynch | Sister of Vanessa Sue Orren

Vanessa Sue Orren was a 56 year old from Labarge, Wyoming. She was a mother and had lived in several states. Some time during March 2016, people who usually saw her around Labarge stopped encountering her. Her boyfriend told people Vanessa got into a truck with some men and left. She was never seen again.

Sister | Brandon Williams

Ed was the first one besides a NamUs caseworker to actually take interest in my brother’s case. Because of Unfound other missing person platforms take notice of my brother’s case. I’m thankful for Ed and Unfound. April 2020

B…G FB User | Eric Lee Franks Case

I am almost to the end of the Unfound podcast. I think Ed Dentzel is amazing, I love listening to him and I pray that you get some answers soon. My heart is breaking in 1000 pieces for you :(. Hopefully, some justice will come soon. I just have to ask or mention; you had indicated that […]

Fran Maschuci | daughter of Nicholas Maschuci

My Dad has been missing for over 45 years.My experience with Ed was extremely heartfelt, enlightening, and refreshing. Ed really cares about the family’s of the missing.and put me in-touch with many people like myself who have missing family members. The pod cast in-turn led to a journalist whom is working on the case. And […]

Glendene Grant | mother of Jessica Edith Louise Foster (Jessie)

My name is Glendene Grant, and I am the mother of Jessica Edith Louise Foster, we call her Jessie. Jessie has been missing since March 29, 2006, and is the victim of human trafficking. She was taken from Canada to Las Vegas, beaten and forced to work at an escort service. We have tried everything […]

Heather Graupmann | Dale Kerstetter case

My name is Heather Graupmann and I had always been a fan of Unfound. Ed runs a top notch podcast and takes these cases very seriously. I contacted Ed to let him know about my blog Lost & Found covering missing persons cases. He posted his recommendation to it on his Facebook page and asked me to […]

Anthony Wayne | Tammy Leppers, Evelyn Hartley, Lucero Sarabia Cases

My name is Anthony Wayne and I run the blog CrimeBlogger1983. I’ve had the honor of being on UnFound 3 times regarding cases I have featured on my blog. (Tammy Leppert, Evelyn Hartley, & Lucero Sarabia) Ed is a professional in every sense of the word. And he works harder than anyone else in the […]

Family Member of Danielle Bell

Ed is an experienced investigator who has the ability to make his guest feel comfortable talking about tough situations. One of the things I really liked when working with Ed was his ability to help put my sisters story in context to his listeners and really help them understand the situation surrounding her story. Ed […]

Breeyan Edwards | daughter of Ellen Sloan

It is difficult to put into words how meaningful it has been for me and my family to have connected to Ed and Unfound. Over a decade had passed since anyone had mentioned my mother and her disappearance. Ed was very compassionate and truly cares about the missing, their loved ones, and bringing these cases […]

Sue Infinger | mother of Kemberly Ramer

My name is Sue Infinger mother of Kemberly Ramer..  She has been missing for 22 yrs.  I did an interview with Ed Dentzel of Unfound Podcast..  The interview was great and it was done with concern and correct information.. I beleive it helped bring interest into her case.  Thank you..