Glendene Grant | mother of Jessica Edith Louise Foster (Jessie)

My name is Glendene Grant, and I am the mother of Jessica Edith Louise Foster, we call her Jessie. Jessie has been missing since March 29, 2006, and is the victim of human trafficking. She was taken from Canada to Las Vegas, beaten and forced to work at an escort service. We have tried everything to raise awareness to Jessie’s disappearance in hopes that we will get the answers we so desperately need. It was at one of my lowest points that I learned of Ed Dentzel and his work helping families of the missing and murdered. Ed immediately offered to do everything he could to help us. I was interviewed by him on his podcast … then he included Jessie in his first book; sent me an Unfound t-shirt with Jessie’s picture across the back; and had a deck of Unfound playing cards with pictures and information of missing persons and unsolved murder cases, and made them available to all who wanted one. I am so grateful to Ed and everyone who he works with, for his help with all of our loved ones …. he helps us make the world know about them, and allows us to know they will never be forgotten. Thank you Ed.