Heather Graupmann | Dale Kerstetter case

My name is Heather Graupmann and I had always been a fan of Unfound. Ed runs a top notch podcast and takes these cases very seriously. I contacted Ed to let him know about my blog Lost & Found covering missing persons cases. He posted his recommendation to it on his Facebook page and asked me to be a guest on his program to discuss my blog as well as the disappearance of Dale Kerstetter. Being on the podcast was a very rewarding experience. I felt very welcomed on the program by Ed and he did his due diligence in doing his own research to familiarize himself with the case we were discussing. Ed was very gracious in promoting my website and letting me discuss briefly a few other cases I’ve written as well as the Kerstetter disappearance. He is a credit to the missing persons as well as the podcast community!