Sandy Todd Canipe: A Bad Mix | Ep 243


Sandy Todd Canipe was a 48 year old from Shelby, NC. He was the father of two and known to be very generous. On the evening of Jan 16, 2016, Sandy was at home with a friend. The guest claims Sandy decided to walk to a local store. Sandy never returned. He was never seen again.




If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Sandy Canipe, please contact the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office at (704) 484-4822.

Case Preview During Unfound Live Show

This is a tough one to analyze. Here’s why. Those two might not have said what Chris thought he heard. Remember, Chris admitted that his anxiety was running high. So, he could’ve misunderstood what they said. Or, subconsciously, Chris could’ve been thinking they had something to do with it and inserted his own interpretation into the conversation.

This is common, not just in disappearances. Our fear and/or anxiety can make us think things that aren’t true. We can actually start seeing or hearing things that aren’t actually there. NOT in a hallucinatory way but one in which every little motion or pause or whatever else can start to have a dark meaning.

Common. Very common.

Either way, whether you believe that or not, what doesn’t seem to make any sense is if John and Jane had something to do with Sandy’s disappearance, then why did they volunteer something that Chris could not have known at the time? This flies in the face of many suspects we’ve discussed on Unfound. Usually these people claim ignorance, i.e. “I have no idea what happened. Golly gee.”

The only innocent explanation I can see—

By Edward Dentzel | Patreon Blog

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