Alicia Bernice Markovich: Any Given Sunday

Alicia Bernice Markovich was a 15 year old from Windber, PA. She was a spunky girl who had just joined her high school’s track team. On April 26, 1987, while at her father’s house in Blairsville, Alicia and he got into an argument. Alicia stormed off into the neighborhood. She was never seen again. Analysis: you have any information regarding the disappearance of Alicia Markovich, please contact the Pennsylvania State Police at (724) 357-1960.



Area of interest

As I was preparing Alicia’s episode, a disturbing statistic came to my mind. And this thought will be the main focus of this blog. This will also give you an idea of which way I’m leaning with Alicia’s disappearance—and I’ll be revealing my theory much earlier than I usually do. However, since I am in the “missing persons business”, since I am the only person on earth who actually keeps stats on disappearances, and since some schools have been so gracious as to allow me to speak to students, I think I should reveal the following fact:

For Unfound’s cases, when there has been a thinking, a belief, a theory that a father (or stepfather) caused his daughter’s disappearance, those thoughts have been pretty close.

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