Audrey Herron: A to B | 265

Audrey May Herron was a 31 year old from Freehold, NY. She was a nurse and the mother of 3. On the night of August 29, 2002, Audrey left her job in Catskill to make the 20 minute drive home. Audrey never arrived. She and her Jeep were never seen again.


Charley Project:


YouTube Map Analysis:

Crime Watch Daily coverage:

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Audrey Herron, please contact Investigator Mike Gabriel at the New York State Police at 518 622-8600.

On top of that, the New York State Police did not have the video—because there was nothing on it–so there was then no way to stop the conjecture.

This video thing should be a lesson to all of us. Granted, from the very first time I heard the story I was doubtful. Why? Because of what I just mentioned: night, aim, and distance. But the general public does not think in those terms. But it should.

By Edward Dentzel | Patreon Blog

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