Rashan Anthony Francis: Keeping Secrets | Ep 254

Rashan Anthony Francis was a 42 year old from Scranton, PA. He was originally from New York City and loved music. On November 6, 2018, Rashan called his mother to say people were after him and that they were going to kill him. He then hung up. Rashan did not answer any following calls. He was ever seen again.

Charley Project:



Unfound Page:



If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Rashan Francis, please contact the Scranton Police Department at (570) 348-4134.

I think we have to remember some things. First, we have to remember that everything we know about Ty comes from Rashan—a guy who said unnamed people were after him. Don’t forget that. It’s Rashan who said Ty took his rent money. It’s Rashan who said Ty got fired from that job. It’s Rashan who said Ty was his cousin.

All this coming from a guy who didn’t tell his mother about his own wedding.

Remember that.

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