Randy Stewart Doran: Puzzle from a Postcard | Ep 253

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Randy Stewart Doran was a 22 year old from Sacramento County, CA. He was a former Marine and loved to write songs. In the Spring of 1978, Randy moved to New Orleans to start a new life. Once he got there, Randy sent a message to his family that he was okay. He was never seen again . . . or was he?

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If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Randy Doran, please contact the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office at (916) 874-5115.

Well, the logical part of me says that it doesn’t make sense for Randy to have hitchhiked the whole way to Florida, stayed there for a while, to then turn around and go back to New Orleans to live and work. Really, why not stay with his grandmother? I am sure she wouldn’t have minded her grandson hanging out with her. Seriously, since Randy seemingly said he planned to go to Florida to see her, then we must make the logical leap that the two got along.

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