Gayla Christine Schaper | Ep 222

Gayla Christine Schaper was a 28 year old from Moscow, ID. She was married, and the couple together owned a dairy farm. On June 29, 1979, Gayla’s husband dropped her off at a pasture so she could feed their horses. The plan was to then meet up later at home. Gayla never arrived. She was never seen again.

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If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Gayla Schaper, please contact the Latah County Sheriff’s Office at (208) 882-2216.

Excerpt from Private Patreon Blog

And, if we really want to try to attach it to the Hagedorn’s, is writing a note like that something Larry and/or William would do? Do either of them have a dogmatic or overtly zealous attachment to their faith? And if so, how would they ever know enough about Gayla or Ken to write a message like that?

I have no answers to those questions.

Sure, I can see why many people, maybe even myself, would think the disappearance and the message are connected. That makes a lot of sense. Hard to disconnect one from the other.

Yet, on the other hand, I’m sure Ken and Gayla knew the Hagedorn’s at least a little bit. They rented the pasture from them. They surely had talks with them. And I think Ken and Gayla would’ve known the Hagedorn’s well enough to know if they were the type of religious people who would write a note like that. I think. But it doesn’t seem Ken and Gayla ever suspected the Hagedorn’s of sending that message.

So . . . . . . . it’s puzzling.

Whereas, we all have, uh, associates who have wacky ideas about all sorts of things. And if we got an anonymous message on our front door about one of those wacky ideas, we’d immediately know who to suspect. But it doesn’t seem the Schaper’s connected the message to the Hagedorn’s.

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