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Robin Abrams was a 28 year old former Sheriff’s deputy for Will County in Beecher, Illinois. She was the plaintiff in a suit against the county, accusing officers of sexual harassment among other charges. On October 4, 1990—18 days before her deposition in the case– she drove away from her parent’s home. Not far down the road she waved to her father who was headed in the opposite direction. Robin was never seen again. Main Robin Abrams site:

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If you have any information concerning this case, please contact: Illinois State Police (815) 726-6291

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NSU’s Fischler College of Education and School of Criminal Justice Presents Unfound. Hosted by Dr. Grace Telesco with special guest Ed Dentzel from Unfound Join us as we explore the 1990 missing person case of Robin Abrams, from Beecher IL. Robin was a Sheriff’s deputy who goes missing after filing a sexual harassment lawsuit against the department

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Excerpt from Private Patreon Blog

But I have a serious question: What was Robin even doing near the fairgrounds that day? She had to know that Tony and company would be there. Why? Because they were working security. If Robin was having problems with them, why go anywhere near them? She should’ve just stayed away from the fairgrounds.

Yet, there she was . . . right there. By herself. Coincidence? I think not.

I think what I’m saying is there is certainly a sign that Robin might’ve been confronting Tony about how he was cheating on his wife. I really, really, really hesitate to say Robin was stalking Tony. But I think the fairground incident shows it wasn’t all just Tony obsessing on Robin.

There’s something else that puzzles me: Once she started getting all the harassment, why didn’t she quit? I realize there might’ve been some pride involved. But still, did Robin really think she would make it through all that and it would just go away after the probationary period?

Yes, Steve didn’t quit after all the things that happened to him. But he explained it: He was married, had kids, etc.

Robin? She was single and living at home. No kids. No other responsibilities. And I am sure her parents would’ve understood.

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notes from Jody Walsh w anna & Padilla

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