Julie Weflen, Deborah Swanson and Kathryn Gregory

3 Women Vanish. Julie Weflen, Deborah Swanson, and Kathryn Gregory. Dive Into New Case for Friday

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  • 1) 2009 street view of the substation at 4 Mound Rd. and Coulee Hite Rd. where Julie was attacked.
  • 2) The distance and directions from where Kathryn Rahe Gregory disappeared to where Will Parks lived at the time.
  • 3) The park where Deborah Swanson disappeared. Notice how it sits right along a large body of water.
  • 4) Distance and directions from where Julie Weflen was attacked to where Will Parks lived.

Because he was hated by his neighbors? Or has Unfound discovered a new serial killer? You get to determine that by listening to the episode, “Julie Weflen | The Women’s Reject”

Excerpt from Private Blog

And here’s where it gets crazy . . . IF Will killed that many women before September 16, then I don’t think it would matter if he knew Julie or not. Instead, that Will saw a woman by herself might’ve been enough to trigger him. See what I mean . . . crazy.

Yet, we know with 95% probability that Will knew Deborah. So, once again, if he killed Deborah, that would then mean that probably all his victims—the theoretical 5—were women he knew. The problem? To this point we only know of two he could’ve known—Julie and Deborah. There’s no proof he ever met Kathryn.

Thus, could we have a situation where we have a serial killer who kind of mixed victims? Ones he knew with ones he didn’t. That is certainly possible. And that would be a very unique kind of killer.

Getting back to Julie, IF Will was a skilled killer at that point, as I stated before, it wouldn’t have mattered if Julie had gotten him kicked out of the club or not. It wouldn’t have mattered if he wanted to have sex with her and she wouldn’t acquiesce. It wouldn’t matter. It wouldn’t matter. It wouldn’t matter. Will simply would’ve seen “young woman with dark hair” at the substation alone, pulled in, attacked, and killed her.

And really, and bizarrely, this is the way we have to look at Julie’s disappearance.


  1. There’s a lot more that points at Will Parks than John said. I’m one of his tipsters and actually the one who informed him Parks had died. John Polos is on the right trail. Look into Parks suing the SPD. That court victory is what stopped this case. The SPD botched this case and Ozzie K will never solve it. Thank god he’s retiring soon.


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