Shelva Rafte | No Good Together | Ep 196



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Remember: The opposite of love isn’t hate; it’s indifference. And I think John Para was indifferent to Shelva. I think that’s why he allowed her to make those allegations against him. I think that’s why John didn’t try to sue her for making those statements. I think he went to that graduation party with Shelva just to be nice—or maybe thinking that would smooth things over.

Likewise, I think Shelva was creating all those stories–”if I disappear, look at John,”, the relationship between John and his daughter, etc. I think Shelva was doing ANYTHING to get John’s attention. I think Shelva was desperate for attention. If she couldn’t get attention by being good, she’d get it by being bad.

And I think she knew the attention-getting with John was over when he refused to take her to his daughter’s graduation. Shelva knew there were no more buttons she could push to get attention from him.

While I’m at it, this is another one of those points that makes Shelva so different from all the other women we’ve talked about who’ve disappeared under similar circumstances: THOSE women were trying to get out of their relationships—Shelva was not. Shelva wanted to get even deeper with John.


Map of Shelva Rafte’s Disappearance

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MISSING IN NEPA: Family of Shelva Jean Rafte seeks closure

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