Skylar Gregory Peterson Tosic: Uber To Ride | Ep 242

Skylar Gregory Peterson Tosic was a 20 year old from Escondido, CA. He was a skilled musician and college student. On August 30, 2015, Sky took an Uber ride to an intersection near the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, a ride he duplicated toward days before that. Sky got out of the car. He was never seen again.





If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Sky Tosic, please contact the Escondido Police Department at (760) 839-4722.

What I’m saying is even though Sky’s car was not working, he must’ve really wanted to go out to the area of the Safari Park and academy given that he used Uber to the first time. He really wanted to do . . . something. He really wanted to see . . . someone. He had a . . . plan . . . that he needed to carry out.

That’s what it seems like to me. Do you get the same feeling? In fact, I would say that my perception is that Sky had planned to do something well before August 28/29/30 arrived. And when his car broke down right before those dates, Sky simply found another way to do what he wanted to do. No different than when you have a hair cut appointment, your car breaks down the day before, and you get a friend to take you instead. Same thing. Why? Because you don’t want to miss the appointment.

Was there an appointment Sky had that he couldn’t afford to miss? You be the judge.

By Edward Dentzel | Patreon Blog

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