Mark Pinela | Scuba Diving, Kahana Bay, Hawaii

Ed reads the most up-to-date article, shows you the map, and goes over 3 major points regarding Mark Panela’s disappearance.

Kristen Brueggemann | Indianapolis, IN

Ed goes over the known facts regarding the disappearance of Kirsten Brueggemann from Indianapolis, IN on Jan. 2, 2021. In addition, he cover three points that can be learned from her case.


Jason Landry | Lulling, TX

Ed goes over the facts, map, and missing person theory regarding the disappearance of Jason Landry on Dec. 13, 2020 from Lulling, TX.

Alan White | Missing from Dallas, Texas Close To Home
Corey Dale Moore: Missing from Sanford, NC Sept 3, 2020
Stephanie Hollingsworth: Area of Orlando
Marilane Carter | En Route from Overland Park, KS to Birmingham, AL

Erika Lloyd | Car Found Vandalized in Joshua Tree National Park

Linda Stoltzfoos | Missing Since Sunday June 21st 2020 | Published June 24th 2020
Breaking News, Recent Disappearance, FBI Involved
Family Hired Cave Explorer
Justo Smoker Charged

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