New Book! Unfound’s Season 2 Cases Available Now

Unfound is a weekly missing persons program devoted to solving disappearances. Unfound strives to do this by talking to the people who know the most about the cases–family members, detectives, and reporters. In the Unfound book series, you will discover the facts, read the interviews, and learn how these disappearances have affected so many lives. This 2nd volume of Season 2 covers the disappearances of Helen Dymond, Lauria Bible & Ashley Freeman, Lucinda Huels, Ashley Koller, Debbie Lowe, Patrick Beavers, and Clinton Nelson.

Unfound Update Episode Volume 8

Unfound is a podcast that has now covered over 200 disappearances. It has an interview-based format and concentrates on the facts, not the theories. Today, and for the eighth time, I will take you back to the beginning, then right up to the present, as I cover recent updates on many of Unfound’s cases.

Patrick Beavers: Frozen In Time

Patrick Jason Beavers was a 24 year old from Jerome, ID. He had a diverse taste in music, ranging from opera to Weird Al Yankovic, and liked to lift weights. On the night of April 3, 1997, he was watching tv with his niece. Then she went to bed. When the family got up the next morning, Patrick was gone. He was never seen again.