New Book! Unfound’s Season 2 Cases Available Now

Unfound is a weekly missing persons program devoted to solving disappearances. Unfound strives to do this by talking to the people who know the most about the cases–family members, detectives, and reporters. In the Unfound book series, you will discover the facts, read the interviews, and learn how these disappearances have affected so many lives. This 2nd volume of Season 2 covers the disappearances of Helen Dymond, Lauria Bible & Ashley Freeman, Lucinda Huels, Ashley Koller, Debbie Lowe, Patrick Beavers, and Clinton Nelson.

Helen Dymond: Into The Past

Helen Leone Dymond was a 48 year old from Tilden Township, MI. She loved parties but her #1 job was always being a mother. On the evening June 28, 1981, she and her husband got into a short argument at a private gathering. He drove home while she decided to stay. After midnight, Helen left, intending to walk to her son’s house, less than a mile away. She was never seen again.