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Below are resources to aid in the investigation of missing persons. If you have any feedback please email Edward Dentzel directly at unfoundpodcast@gmail.com. Se habla español Unfound On The Ground is a live discussion for premium Patreon members, in which these websites are discussed. Archives can be viewed here. Subscribe The Charley Project NamUs “170…… Continue reading Unfound | Data Gems

Shelva Rafte | No Good Together | Ep 196

https://youtu.be/IvJ76E7R8zI Subscribe https://youtu.be/teWC-RaD9tI Subscribe listen | podcast Excerpt from Private Patreon Blog Remember: The opposite of love isn’t hate; it’s indifference. And I think John Para was indifferent to Shelva. I think that’s why he allowed her to make those allegations against him. I think that’s why John didn’t try to sue her for making…… Continue reading Shelva Rafte | No Good Together | Ep 196

Thomas Brown | Seeds of Doubt | Ep 95

Thomas Kelly Brown was an 18 year old from Canadian, TX. He was president of his class and loved acting and public speaking. On the night of November 23, 2016, Thomas was on his way home after hanging out with friends. He stopped to get gas in his Dodge Durango. He was never seen again.