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Hello everyone, I’m hope you’re doing well. This is the September 2019 newsletter for the Unfound podcast.

Me? I’m doing well. It’s been a crazy summer but unfortunately it’s about to end . . . the summer, not the craziness. In fact, as you receive this, I am in Orlando, FL for a disc golf tourney. And if the predictions are right, I’m riding out Hurricane Dorian from a hotel room on International Drive. I’m guessing that at least one day of the tourney has been canceled. But that’s okay because I have enjoyed getting out of Clearwater Beach to throw the discs in a different location.

Also, next weekend is my Canada trip with my dad, my best friend Doug, and his son. So, I was in Canadian, TX in July and now I’ll be in Canada, the country—kind of weird. I’ll be there from Sept. 7th to 13th. Then I’ll be back to FL around the 16th.

After that? I have one of my long time friends from Las Vegas coming into town. She’ll be here for a few days. And that will lead me into October. Of course, the work never stops.

Speaking of work, let’s get started . . .


Sept. 6th: 3rd Anniversary Episode

Sept. 13th: 3rd Update Episode

Sept. 20th: Typhenie Johnson

Other cases in the works: David Keesy, Joel Akridge, Bradley Allen, Tyler North, Robert Helphrey, and Jarred Brown. (All male cases . . . not sure why that is.)


Had to believe Unfound has existed for this long. I really had no idea where it would go when I started. I had a horrible logo. I ripped off the intro music from Iron Maiden. Why? Well, when you start something like this, you never know how long it’s going to last. So I kind of did the “shortcut” way to start.

Luckily, Unfound is still here. With a real logo. And original intro/outro music. But the standard that was started at the beginning hasn’t changed: Unfound exists to release more information than any other program concerning missing persons cases. That’s always been the goal, and will always be the goal.

I often get asked how I started Unfound, so I’m not going to answer that here. Instead, I’ll explain to you why I feel I must commemorate Unfound’s anniversary, because I don’t think too many podcasts do it the way I do—by replaying the very first interview.

For you the listeners, I do it so you know how special a time it is. Most podcasts of any type don’t make it to 3 years. In fact most don’t make it to 3 months. Hey, it’s a grind—no doubt about it. I mean, it’s not like ditch digging. But there is that pressure to produce episodes every week—more importantly, to do it well. So to have now over 160 episodes is an accomplishment and I know many of you have listened to every single one.

For me, personally, celebrating the 3rd anniversary reminds me of how far I’ve come. Because I have to tell you: YOU WILL NEVER KNOW how many things I’ve failed at in my life. Oh my gosh . . . the stories I could tell. And it feels good to finally create something that even if it were to end today, I believe everybody would call it a success—a success for everyone: myself, the listeners, and most importantly, the guests and their families.

So, playing that first interview with Mary Lyall reminds me to take nothing for granted and that doing this program is a gift. It certainly feels like this is what I was truly meant to do with my life after all those failures.



Yep, it’s coming Sept. 13th. The episode is about two hours and 50 minutes long. So, lots of cases to talk about. I have to admit I had no idea how popular these would be until I did the first one. In fact, now that I think about it, several listeners requested I do an Update Episode and that’s why I put one together during the summer of 2018.

Then, that one was so popular, that immediately listeners started asking when I would do the next one. That one happened in April of this year.

Then, at that point, I was already being asked when the NEXT one would be—the one that will come out in two weeks. So, I was thinking, “It looks like I may have to to create some kind of standard for these update episodes.”

So, when the April one came out, I conducted a poll asking how often should I publish an update episode. The winner was every 3 to 4 months. And that’s the reason this one will come out Sept. 13th.

I have to admit when that selection ended up being the winner, I was thinking, “Will I have enough material to make an update with only 4 months in between updates?” Well, the answer is a resounding, “Yes!” Plenty of cases to talk about and luckily some new ones that have never been mentioned will be included.


Yes, it’s out. Here’s the link:

Only the ebook is available at this time. Why? Because the print cover for all of the books takes a little more work to put together. Whereas with an ebbok, you just create a picture. With the print editions, I need to know exactly how many pages, and what the width of the spine will be, etc. etc. etc. And I just don’t have enough time right at this second to do that. But it will happen before September is over.

All in all, this book came together really fast. Most of the reason is because the transcribers did such an amazing job. You do not know how ecstatic I am when I see an interview that’s been properly formatted, the spelling is correct, and hardly any words are missing. That makes things so much easier, because the going over of the transcriptions takes up most of the time for any book.

Speaking of which, transcribers up through Volume 2 of Season 2 have now all been properly compensated for their work. If you were a transcriber for Volume 3 and 4 of Season 2, you’ll be getting your payments later in September.

So I’m really happy with how the next season of the book series is starting out.


Here are the links for all 6 for Season 1:

Volume 1 —

Volume 2 —

Volume 3 —

Volume 4 —

Volume 5 –

Volume 6 –


I’ve brought on another person to help with everything that Unfound does. Of course there are already Emily, Cheree, and Eric. Then we have Heather and Karie who monitor the Unfound Group and Page on Facebook.

Now we have Cayla. She approached me first about helping out in the areas where she has experience: websites, public relations, and marketing. Frankly, I could really use some assistance in those sectors, so I was happy to hear from her. We had a conversation about my vision, and she gave me some really good insight. And I decided she could certainly help out the cause.

Because the website has not really been what I wanted. In fact, you’ll notice I’ve stopped mentioning it during the episodes. I’m hoping Cayla can work on it and freshen it up . . . a lot. Also I am hoping she can design the website to include all of the various media, uh, stuff Unfound does. The books. The Live Show. The Think Tank. The videos. Etc. The website hasn’t been like that simply because I haven’t had the time to work on it. So I’m happy she’ll be working on that now.

And there are some other Unfound pursuits Cayla will be working on. I think she’ll do a fine job.


I’ve said so much about it already, that I don’t want to re-iterate everything in this newsletter when I’ve already talked about it multiple times on the YouTube Live shows. So, here are my thoughts in bullet point fashion:

–Not surprised. I’ve said for a while that I thought the AG’s office and the TX Rangers wouldn’t hesitate to be hand-off and allow the voters of Hemphill County to settle this a year from now.

–Circumstantial evidence is not hard evidence. Nobody in the AG’s office or the TX Rangers is going to charge anybody with anything as long as there is so much “wiggle room” in the facts they’ve collected so far.

–Theories never substitute for investigation. I think too many people have gotten too comfortable with just spouting opinions on what happened to Tom Brown, instead of trying to figure it out for themselves. The rumorizing and conjecturing and theorizing has to stop. Turn that energy into starting to investigate Tom’s death on your own.

–There is no conspiracy going on. So many people have been involved in this case for a long time now. At some point the public has to realize that just because something doesn’t go the way the public thinks, doesn’t mean there is funny business going on.

Having said all that, the wording of the investigators’ statement was odd. “The no reasonable person” part was especially weird. I guess that means Unfound’s listeners aren’t reasonable people. I’ve talked to a couple people in law enforcement since this all happened in the middle of August, and their response is the same: That wording is odd. Maybe somebody in the AG’s office will explain it to the rest of us.

And if that’s not enough . . .


Yep, he found Tom’s remains. And no, I’m not going to “go there” by entertaining all the rumors I’ve heard regarding this. All I can tell you is about two months ago a woman contacted me with information that actually ended up being true regarding Pyne, and Tom’s remains. She said he was out there doing deer scouting or something on County time when he came across the bones. Yes, I’m saying I’ve known this for a while.

The problem? This woman could not give me any verification or support to her story. Yes, she told me how she was getting the info but it just wasn’t solid enough to the point that I thought I could go public with the information. I would’ve loved to have done that. However, I realize there are people out there who dispense a lot of misinformation concerning Tom’s case, all in the hopes of tripping Unfound up and using it to discredit us.

Well, I’m not going to fall for that. So, I erred on the side of caution regarding the Pyne story.

And yes, yes, I know all the deer facts that people have sent me . . . I urge all of you to direct those comments to Pyne himself. See if he can adequately explain why he was doing what he was doing on County time, in a time of year that isn’t supposed to be conducive for what he was allegedly doing.



The Bobcat has been found. And by Bobcat I mean the piece of machinery that Jon’s wife sold not long after he disappeared. She sold it for a lot less than it was worth. Moreover, it wasn’t hers to sell—Jon’s father owned the Bobcat. Moreover moreover, she wouldn’t reveal who bought it, which of course made many people suspicious.

Well, it’s been found. And I think the assessment is that the guy who bought it knows nothing about Jon’s disappearance. Granted, this guy should be asked why he wasn’t leery about buying a Bobcat that was so far under market price. He had to know that something weird was going on.

Yet, he did the right thing eventually. Better late than never. He came forward and I believe the Bobcat has been given back to Jon’s father.

Does this move the investigation forward? Well, kinda. At least that takes one thing off the investigator’s plate. Nothing wrong with that. But I was hoping that finding the Bobcat could be connected to the disappearance in someway. And that doesn’t look probable now.


This is a topic that’s been hot in the true crime community the last few weeks, primarily because of what happened with the Crime Junkies podcast. This is another topic that I’ve talked about a couple weeks in a row on YouTube. In addition, the last chapter of the newest book covers my thoughts as well. So, once again, I won’t bore you with my rantings . . . again.

However, I would like to add something to everything I’ve said. I’m not afraid to be at the forefront of trying to rid the true crime community of people who steal other people’s work and call it their own. I know there will be many hosts—even ones who don’t plagiarize—who will desire that I keep my mouth shut. But I guess you can add my thoughts on plagiarism to all the others I have that are contrary to other true crime hosts—CrimeCon comes to mind.

Hey, I gotta be me.


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We continue to work hard on cases that I can’t talk about right at this second. I continue to work on a disappearance in the San Francisco area. Eric is working on getting FOIA’s on murders in Texas. Cheree has been talking to the roommates of a young woman who disappeared in Colorado. And I’ve tasked a listener with looking into a disappearance here in FL that has always had my attention—even way before I started Unfound.

Thanks for reading!

Have a great September!