Danielle Sleeper: Return of a Friend | Ep 194

Wear Your Support of this Case! Danielle’s Unfound T-Shirt in Black/White/Grey High Quality Super-Soft Cooling T-Shirts with No Fade Coloring Designed In-House Buy EXCERPT FROM PATREON BLOG Well, I want to talk about Austin’s “amnesia” regarding the time span of 2am to 11:30am on March 22. This would’ve been roughly from the time the 3…… Continue reading Danielle Sleeper: Return of a Friend | Ep 194

The Unfound Podcast Team Episode | Ep 193

Edward interviews Emily, Cheree, Karie, Heather & Natasha from his team. Get to know them! The Team | Unfound Ep 193 So when I hear how great these people are who now work with me, it’s very gratifying. Because I know a prior version of Ed would never be in the position to be working…… Continue reading The Unfound Podcast Team Episode | Ep 193

True Crime Game Time | LordanArts

Edward has been invited to be a guest on ‘True Crime Game Time’ show by John Lordan from LordanArts | Brainscratch 9 PM EST Saturday, May 9th https://youtu.be/4zSKEH2SE3k Yes, really. I’ve already posted about it in the Discussion Group and Page on Facebook. And I talked about it last night during the Live Show on…… Continue reading True Crime Game Time | LordanArts

3 Men Charged in Murder of 23 Year Old Austin Forrest Pevo

Austin Forrest Pevo was a 23 year old from Fort Hall, ID. He was a firefighter and competitive Native American dancer. On the morning of February 3, 2018, his mother dropped Austin off at his job. However, he soon discovered work was canceled for that day. Austin then made a phone call and left. He was never seen again.

Aundria Bowman: In Memoriam | Ep 210

Aundria Michelle Bowman was a 14 year old from Hamilton, MI. She had been adopted when she was very young and never knew her biological family. On March 11, 1989, Aundria allegedly ran away from her family’s farm house after getting caught stealling money. She was never seen again.

Joshua Guimond | A Re-Examination | Ep 234

Joshua Cheney Guimond was a 20 year old student at St. John’s University in Collegeville, Minnesota. On the night of November 9th, 2002, he was playing cards with his friends in their dorm room. Around 11pm he left the room, his friends thinking he went back to his dorm. He was never seen again.