Amanda DeGuio: Stepping Out

Amanda De Guio was a 27 year old from Upper Darby Township in Pennsylvania. She was the mother of two and had just come back from a Disney family vacation. In the early hours of June 3, 2014 she left her home. Amanda would leave home for a few days at a time, but would always return. This time, she was never seen again.

Chip Campbell: Off The Path

Chip Michael Campbell was a 36 year old from Milton, FL. He had a big family and an even bigger heart. On March 8, 2016, he was recorded on a video camera walking into a restroom at a Circle K. He had two backpacks over his shoulder. He exited the restroom without them. Although the bags were found, he was never seen again.

Pamela Golden: One Wrong Turn

Pam Kay Golden was a 43 year old divorcee from Cabot, AR. She was the mother of two and loved horses. On July 22, 1993, she was working at her sister’s flower shop in Little Rock. At 4pm, she left, saying she was going to get some boxes to help a friend move. She was never seen again.

Craig Frear: Under The Microscope

Craig Frear was a 17yr old from Glenville, NY. He was the captain of his soccer team and an all around popular guy. On June 27th, 2004, although he should’ve been at work, he was at a friend’s house. After getting caught in this lie, Craig said he was coming home. He was never seen again.

Brandon Williams: Destination Unknown

Brandon Williams, “Hoss” to his family, was a 33 year old from Ephraim, UT. He had lived in such wide-ranging places as The Hamptons and California. On May 17th, 2013, he got on a bus in Salt Lake City, heading back to where he lived in Key West, FL. On May 18th, he made a call to a friend, saying he was in Nashville. He was never seen again.

Ashley Eiffert: Flipping The Script

Ashley Marie Eiffert was a 19 year old from Harahan, Louisiana. She was 7 months pregnant and looking forward to being a mom. On January 9, 2003, she went to the home of a woman who was going to sell Ashley some baby furniture. Ashley allegedly departed the residence without buying anything, arguing with someone on her phone as she walked across the street. She was never seen again.

Cleashindra Hall: The Best Laid Plans

Cleashindra Denise Hall was an 18 year old woman from Pine Bluff, Arkansas. She was ranked at the top of her high school class and was to take part in an internship in Boston after graduation. On May 9, 1994, her mother, Laurell, dropped her off at work right around the corner from their home. Clea walked inside. When her shift finished 3 ½ hours later, Clea allegedly left. She was never seen again.

Brandi Wells: What The Camera Saw

Brandi Wells was a 23 year old single woman living in Brownsboro, TX. She was eager to start back to school and begin her new job at Walmart. On the night of Wednesday August 2, 2006, she went to the Graham Central Station country bar in Longview, TX, forty five minutes away, despite her car being low on gas. Just after midnight she left the club alone. She was never seen again.