Clinton Nelson: On Her Own

Clinton Devon Nelson was a 21 year old from Princeton, LA. He had recently moved there to get to know his dad and work on an oil rig. On September 1, 2006, he attended a party thrown by a man he and his father knew. Accounts differ, but that night partygoers saw Clinton allegedly run off. He was never seen again.

Patrick Beavers: Frozen In Time

Patrick Jason Beavers was a 24 year old from Jerome, ID. He had a diverse taste in music, ranging from opera to Weird Al Yankovic, and liked to lift weights. On the night of April 3, 1997, he was watching tv with his niece. Then she went to bed. When the family got up the next morning, Patrick was gone. He was never seen again.

Debbie Lowe: In Our Midst

Debora Sue Lowe was a 13 year old from Pompano Beach, FL. Her family had just moved there from West Virginia and she seemed to be adapting nicely. On the morning Feb. 29, 1972, she, her sister and her brother began their walk to school. At an intersection, they turned left. She turned right. She was never seen again.

Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman: From The Ashes

Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman were killed in 1999 in rural Oklahoma. Ronnie Busick is charged with the murders. courtesy Lorene Bible

Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman were teenagers from Oklahoma. They’d gone to elementary school together. And although they went to different high schools, they remained close friends. On December 30th, 1999, they were at Ashley’s house in the town of Welch. A fire broke out in the home and when it was extinguished, Ashley’s parents were found dead. But Lauria and Ashley were never seen again.

Helen Dymond: Into The Past

Helen Leone Dymond was a 48 year old from Tilden Township, MI. She loved parties but her #1 job was always being a mother. On the evening June 28, 1981, she and her husband got into a short argument at a private gathering. He drove home while she decided to stay. After midnight, Helen left, intending to walk to her son’s house, less than a mile away. She was never seen again.

Niqui McCown: Warning Signs

Marilyn Renee Nicole McCown, Niqui to those who loved her most, was a 28 year old, mother of one from Richmond, IN. She was ambitious and had aspirations of being an FBI agent. On July 22, 2001, Niqui was at her mother’s. She was nervous but wouldn’t say why. She then left to get her clothes at a local laundromat. She was never seen again.

Linda Kay Carroll: Scream In The Night

Linda Kay Carroll was the mother of two living in Crestview, FL. She was very artistic and as the oldest child, had enjoyed babysitting her younger siblings. On September 25th, 1984, she had gotten home from work in the early evening. A few hours later, residents reported hearing a scream in Linda’s neighborhood. This was followed by the sound of a car speeding away. When a friend came by the next morning to pick Linda up for work, she wasn’t there. She was never seen again.

Chris Turner: Web Of Lies

Chris Turner was a 23 year old man from Las Vegas, NV. He was the father of one and loved being an older brother to his sisters. On the evening of August 5th, 2016, he was going door to door in his apartment complex looking for his girlfriend. During this search, he had a run-in with a neighbor but the two men parted ways without it escalating. The next morning, Chris left his apartment. He was never seen again.