249 | Julianne Jaillet: Miles Away

Julianne Cecilia Jaillet was a 36 year old from Bellevue, Washington. She was the mother of one and loved Fleetwood Mac. In late May of 1985, Julianne’s parents lost contact with her. Three weeks later, Julianne’s husband told everyone she had left him. She was never seen again.

247 | David Wayne Schroeder: For Your Consideration

David Wayne Schroeder was a 45 year old from Brice Prairie, Wisconsin. He was the father of 3 and a devout Christian. On Saturday, September 22, 2012, after acting strangely at a church gathering, David’s wife brought him home then left. When she came home an hour later, David was gone. He was never seen again.

Sandy Todd Canipe: A Bad Mix | Ep 243

Sandy Todd Canipe was a 48 year old from Shelby, NC. He was the father of two and known to be very generous. On the evening of Jan 16, 2016, Sandy was at home with a friend. The guest claims Sandy decided to walk to a local store. Sandy never returned. He was never seen again.