Leanne Marie Hausberg: Mean Girls

Leanne Marie Hausberg was a 14 year old from Brooklyn, NY. She was Native American and had two younger twin sisters. On March 18, 1999, Leanne left for school as she usually did. That afternoon, she didn’t return home. Her parents eventually determined Leanne never reached school that day. She was never seen again. you have any information regarding the disappearance of Leanne Hausberg, please contact the New York Police Department at 212-473-2042.




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I’m not a parent. I, of course, was never a girl. I have no experience with journals—at least the kind that Leanne kept. So, I feel like I’m outside my expertise on this entire topic.

However, my guess is hers was not unlike many others that were written at the time and since by teenage girls. Yes, the sex and the skipping school are things that I hope no 14 year old girl is doing, of course. But what I’m talking about is the overall feeling of it—Leanne baring her soul to the pages of a book she thought nobody else would read.

And remember, her parents knew nothing about it. And I think that’s a key point here. Whereas, my belief is most parents do know although they may not have immediate access to their children’s journals.

Having written all that, I think I should remind you what Alan said. He stated that nowhere in the book did Leanne write that she and Barry had sex. To hear Alan tell it, Barry was more like a mentor or big brother. A confidant.

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  1. Regarding the car ride, I lived in sunset park Brooklyn in the early 2000s, very close to the high school in your map discussion. At that time, you couldn’t hail a cab in Brooklyn unless they were heading back into Manhattan (and there were very few of them around, anyway, unless it was late at night on a weekend, there were rules on where cabs could pick up.) You had to use a car service around Brooklyn. Those rules changed around 2011, now there are green boro cabs you can hail in Brooklyn. Also, in all my years of NYC cab rides, I hardly ever gave the driver an address. This was before widespread GPS and Uber, of course. You’d just say “drop me on 73rd between 5th & 6th.” If you said “300 liberty st,” they probably wouldn’t know where it was exactly… So those details of the car ride don’t seem weird to me at all.

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