Nicholas Shinn: It’s Complicated | Ep 260

These are recent posts by a person in the house where he claims he had nothing to do with Nick’s disappearance.

I’d like to know myself u don’t know what it’s like for everyone sayin u have something to do with your best friends disappearance. People say my name but won’t talk to me I even worked with Jeremy at Tudors and offered to talk to him ask me anything. He just turns his back n never says anything I’m always around anyone can ask me. U people don’t even know me u can’t even spell my name! All u can talk trash but nobody knows how to ask me anything. Run your mouths how it fulfils your sick desires. I don’t even know a Kevin let alone anything about Kenna. O by the way these are just new rumors know one ever heard of. All this time people just talk crap but don’t ask me nothin. U shits kno more than anyone. Iv never refused to talk to anyone Iv offered to talk to u people that don’t know me n damn sure don’t know any of u If I know so much why just say my name why not talk to me atleast the cops did that n not just talk crap they did do something wat have u guys done other than say this say that this person that person

Nicholas Harley Shinn was an 18 year old from Ripley, WV. He had an older brother and was named after his aunt. During the day of June 25, 2003, Nicholas was at an apartment hanging out with friends, although he had had a run-in with a guy there a couple years before. The group said Nicholas walked off. He was never seen again.


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YouTube Map Analysis:

Unfound Page for Nicholas Shinn:

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Nicholas Shinn, please contact the Ripley Police Department at (304) 372-4711.

Yet, Nicholas could’ve gotten around the creek and walked off into the woods behind the apartment. He could’ve walked for miles and miles and miles. It’s West Virginia. It’s June. A perfect time to go for a walk in that state. And Nick decided life wasn’t worth living.


Certainly possible.


However, if we are to look at the creek theory more closely, what’s hard to understand, given its curves is how far Nicholas really could’ve floated away. This is the disappearance of Krystal Bailey all over again—sure, she probably ended up in the water, but how far could she have gone in a creek that was windy, meaning it would flow at a slower rate even with it being higher than normal?


Same with Nicholas. Yes, the creek was up. Yes, it was right there behind the apartments. Yes, he surely would’ve gotten whisked away in its currents. But could he have really been taken the whole way to the Ohio River? Doubtful.


Then why wasn’t he found hung up in some limbs on a riverbank? Probably because I doubt anyone checked. Not to mention, there would be a time element in all of this.

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