Laverda Sorrell: In Defiance | Ep 259

Map For Laverda’s Case

Laverda Sorrell was a 44 year old from Navajo, NM. She was the mother of 3 and loved sports. On July 4, 2002, Laverda and her husband celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary in Gallup, NM. He claims he then dropped Laverda off at her work. She was never seen again.


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If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Laverda Sorrell, please contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation – Albuquerque Field Office at (505) 889-1300.

Map Analysis for Case

Do I think she was right in wanting a divorce? Absolutely, despite there being an idea out there that people are supposed to stay married for life no matter what. My opinion? That’s crazy.


Yes, she wasn’t being physically abused. I’ve heard no facts to believe Edison was cheating on her. In fact, it was the opposite—he was stalking her and sitting outside where she worked (we’ll get to that in a moment).

However, there was certainly emotional turmoil going on because Laverda had become the primary income earner and it sounds like Edison just wanted to be another one of her children. Very common in many marriages—Native American or not.

Yet, I think Laverda made a big mistake that most women do in these situations. They think, “This can’t happen to me.” I’m sure that’s what Marian Hurley thought. And Rosemary Rapp. And every other missing wife we’ve ever covered on Unfound.


Going to keep saying this: Ladies, the very second you decide you need to leave, YOU LEAVE!!!!! Don’t talk about it. Don’t ask friends what they think. Don’t ask family for opinions. Get the hell out.

Put your plan together, kids and all. And the very next time your partner goes to the store, the bar, golfing, wherever, you enact your plan and you go somewhere safe. Leave a note stating your reasons and tell the partner that a lawyer will be in contact shortly.

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