Brenda Sica: The Apartment | Ep 258

Brenda Sue Sica was a 43 year old from Huntsville, Alabama. She was a bartender and military vet. In early July 2017, Brenda moved out of an apartment that had been paid for by her married boyfriend. Despite a forthcoming email where Brenda said she was in Wyoming, there is no proof of this. She was never seen again.


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Unfound website:


If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Brenda Sica, please contact the Huntsville Police Department at (256) 722-7100.

Text of email from Brenda Sica to her sister, Carie, on Aug 16 ’17:

Sissy: The booey has a cancer. She has about 6 months to live. I have been spending all my time making her comfortable. She doesn’t eat much so I have to get her really soft food. I am living in Wyoming. Don’t tell mom. If something goes down I don’t want her telling the cops anything. I love you and trust you always. I am very sad. I don’t know what I am going to do without my dog. Some days it is enough to know your doing so well!! I love You too! verrrrrry much. I hope to talk to you soon.

Aug. 7 email from Brenda Sica to her sister, Carie:

I am in town taking my dog to the vet. She is not doing well. I am scared something will happen to her. I will definitely find a way to Jersey. I bet Jacob is going to be the baddest mother fucker ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know my certain ideas about Christianity, but Jacob was a bad ass in the bible. I am so happy for you and Louie. I miss you and Jimmy. I am doing ok but nothing seems to keep me happy long but I am working on it Cant wait to see you and the kids after January. Luv u too Sissy

July 29 email from Brenda Sica to sister, Carie:

SISSYYYYYY….OHHHH MY FUUUUUCKKKKKK…hahahahahahaha ha!! I knew it was going to be a boy!!!!!! I cant wait to see all of you guys. It has been a transition for me. I am getting used to this new limited technology lifestyle LOLOLOL. I like it out here …my old lady dog loves it. When I am sure everything is cool with my new man I will tell you all about it. I do miss you and Jimmy, but with him leaving I couldn’t stay in Alabama any more. Jimmy sent me an email that mom was worried, but she wasn’t worried enough to let me come back to Florida, so fuck her. Your moving to Jersey? I will definitely come visit you up there and we can see some of the fam and get drunk as fuck ( well maybe not till after the pregnancy lololol). I don’t check this much, but I will try to check on you when I can. Dont worry about me …I am not completely clean or sober but I am trying. I love you Sis–Congratulations!! B

This is a picture Brenda posted on her Page in early June 2017. It’s Helen, GA. It’s obvious she was trying to represent that she was there or had been there recently.

This is the same picture blown up and cropped to show the canoe on the top of a building in the distance

But there’s a problem. Here is a Google Street Map view of that building in 2009. Notice the canoe

However, in this photo from 2013, the canoe is gone. So, the picture that Brenda represented as being from June 2017 could not be from that time because the canoe had been taken off the building before 2013. Overall: This does show that Brenda did have a tendency to say she was in places that she was not. This should be remembered when reading the emails from

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Although Carie and I talked about Jim being in the military, we didn’t mention that he is also a

lawyer. And sometimes law firms have local apartments and rooms reserved for when clients

come to town. Could 26E have been one of those types of places? It’s possible. This would

also then explain why I could not find anything under Jim’s or Brenda’s name regarding 26E.

Because the law firm itself is the name.

In addition, we must not forget that I couldn’t find anyone who lived in 26E since 2015. Well,

that could be the point at which the law firm started reserving 26E. So, once a renter moved

out of 26E, the law firm took it over and started putting clients there. Thus, nobody is actually

“living” in it—certainly not to the point that the person would be getting mail there or anything.

No facts to support this. But for Carie, it’s worth a look.

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