Flight MH370: Revisited | Ep 258

On July 14, 2017, Unfound covered the 2014 disappearance of Flight 370. Despite a total of over $200 million dollars being spent by a combination of countries, the Boeing 777 is still missing. Today, due to Ed being at a week-long disc golf tournament, Unfound replays the original introduction and interview, while adding new commentary at the end.

Well, we must remember that the data being used to find Flight 370 was never intended to be used to find a jet. There is a lot of reverse engineering going on and what can happen is people become influenced by confirmation bias. Meaning, “We think it’s in the Indian Ocean so the data should be analyzed as such.”

Then, the circular reasoning starts, “Well, the data is showing the jet must be in the Indian Ocean,” all the while forgetting that the data was manipulated to be made to look like that in the first place because you presupposed the jet to be in the Indian Ocean.

Edward Dentzel | Patreon Blog

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