Robert Hurt: In Memoriam | Ep 257

The key is where Robbie’s truck was. Red x is where Robbie was found. Blue x is the direction the search dogs went.

Original Episode & Map Analysis

On September 11, 2020, Unfound featured the disappearance of Robbie Hurt. He went missing from Ringgold, VA on December 9, 2018. A road crew came across Robbie’s remains on Dec. 8, 2020near where his truck was abandoned. Foul play is not suspected. Today, Unfound remembers Robbie Hurt.

Original Episode:

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Dogs. I love dogs. But we keep coming across evidence that they are just about useless for disappearances. Yes, I know, I know, once in a while they find a missing child lost in a corn field. I know.

But in those kinds of corn field circumstances, are we saying a human wouldn’t have eventually found the child alive anyway? I’m not sure. Just because a dog finds a person does not mean a human wouldn’t have found that person like ten minutes later.

In Robbie’s situation, the dogs went in that exact opposite direction of where Robbie was found. The crew found him NE of the truck, the dogs went SW. A180 degree mistake—it doesn’t get any bigger than that.

Why does this happen?

To answer that question allow me to first get this out of the way: There are a lot of dog handling scammers out there. What percentage? I don’t know. But I’m convinced the number is quite high. So, there’s that.

However, there are also legitimate dog handlers out there. But, their dogs fail too. Why is this?

This is especially difficult to understand given that we know dogs have a sense of smell that is like 100 times more powerful than a human’s. We know dogs sniff out drugs in cars and luggage. We know dogs can sniff their owners from a long distance away. There is even some proof out there that dogs can smell cancer inside the human body. Incredible.

Yet, most of the time—99 percent of the time, they get disappearances wrong. Why?

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