Shawn Antill: Getting The Better Of | Ep 252

So, in this blog, I want to continue the themes started in the episode:

–how do these people get the better of us—the good people?

–why are these people such losers in their lives but winners against us?

–what is the best guess on how they go about making people disappear?

–what can we do to get better at making sure these people don’t succeed?

These and other topics that may come up over the next 3000 words are important for several reasons, on top of the main one: Nobody should be getting away with murders and coverups.

1. As the increase in addiction continues, these kinds of disappearances will become more and more common.

2. There is much higher risk of collateral damage in disappearances like these compared to relationship cases.

3. These kinds of disappearances can help us hone our skills on determining whether a disappearance actually involves a crime or if the missing person disappeared all on his/her own.

By Edward Dentzel | Patreon Blog

Shawn Luke Antill was a 24 year old from Harrison County, Ohio. He was the father of two and his nickname was Scrappy. On December 23, 2017, Shawn was with Preston Yates. Accounts differ but allegedly they got chased in Preston’s car, ran into a fence, then Shawn ran off. He was never seen again.



Unfound YouTube Channel:

Charley Project:



If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Shawn Antill, please contact the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office at 740-942-2197.

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