Toby Anderson: Thicker Than Water | Ep 246

Letters from Uncle Billy to Denise, Unfound’s Guest

Toby Eugene Anderson was a 16 year old from Northern California. He was a prankster who had spent time in juvenile hall. During the year of 1986, Toby spent time in Selma, OR with his uncle and family. Everything seemed fine. Then in the fall, Toby allegedly ran away. He was never seen again.

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If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Toby Anderson, please contact the Oregon State Police – Central Point Area Command at (541) 776-6236.

And this is where I am probably going to go against one of my long standing principles in missing persons, the idea of “the martyr”.

What do I mean by that?

Families often believe their loved ones disappeared or were made to disappear for a “reason.” He or she was going to testify against some criminals and were killed before the missing person could appear in front of the jury. He or she is in the witness protection program due to their testimony in a trail, even though there’s no proof these people ever testified anywhere.

Their loved ones knew too much and were going to go to authorities and were stopped before they could do so.

These kinds of stories come up a lot in conversations I have with guests. This topic comes up more than the public would think. But we never talk about those ideas during official interviews. Why? Because we don’t do theories on the program.

However, you should know: I am always honest with these people. That doesn’t mean I may be right. I, in actuality, ultimately, might be totally wrong. But in that moment, at the time Unfound is covering that particular disappearance, I have to be honest and say, “I don’t think that happened.” And I tell them why I think so.

By Edward Dentzel | Patreon Blog Excerpt

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