Unfound Update Episode Volume 8

Unfound is a podcast that has now covered over 200 disappearances. It has an interview-based format and concentrates on the facts, not the theories. Today, and for the eighth time, I will take you back to the beginning, then right up to the present, as I cover recent updates on many of Unfound’s cases.

Cases/topics include: Ben Padilla, Luanda, Angola, Meaghan Goode, Joshua Guimond, Dr. Grace Telesco, Aundria Bowman, Rebecca Gary,Charlotte Pollis,Eric Franks,Ashley Eiffert, Craig Frear, MH370, Jeff Wise, Jennifer Wilkerson, Lauria Bible,Ashley Freeman, Patrick Beavers, Troy Galloway, Zoe Campos, Tom Brown, Canadian, TX, Alissa Turney, Bobby Tennison, Peggy McGuire, Janson Brewer, Daniel Braden, Ashley Summers, Megan Lancaster, Austin Pevo, Jonathan Estes, Camisha Hollis, Tyler North, Jonelle Matthews, Cameron Remmer, Jackson Miller, Patrick Reed, Julie Weflen, Frederick Joe Boehm, Robbie Hurt, Unique Harris, Jodi Huisentruit, Caroline Lowe, Thomas Corscadden, Bonnie Santiago, Noah Davis, Jake Latiolais, Linda Stoltzfoos, Erika Lloyd, Marilane Carter, Stephanie Hollingsworth, Corey Dale Moore, Alan White, Jason Landry, John Lordan, Aleah Schieble, Kirsten Brueggemann, Mark Panela

I phrase the previous paragraph that way because, for example, we choose to be in our relationships. And we know relationships are the #1 cause of disappearances. Meaning, this part of disappearances is totally under our control. If you are in an abusive relationship, then the odds of you disappearing are exponentially higher when compared to myself who isn’t in a relationship at all. This is proven over and over on Unfound, sometimes on a weekly basis.
If you catch your man cheating, the odds of you disappearing drastically increase. If you catch your woman cheating, the odds of you disappearing drastically increase. If you caught your significant doing something he/she shouldn’t, your odds of disappearing drastically increase.
All of you must know this. Do not underestimate your partner’s desire to protect himself/herself by making you go away.
I don’t write all of this to bring you down. I know how many of love being in the relationships that you are in. And I know many others want to be in relationships.
But the stats are clear. So you must have the courage to get the heck out and not stick around until it’s too late.

By Edward Dentzel | Patreon Blog

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