Alwin Albright: The Walk Off | Ep 241

Alwin Albright was a 74 year old from Gilmer, TX. He lived alone but had a multitude of brothers and sisters. On July 6, 2019, Alwin allegedly tried to force his way in to his girlfriend’s apartment. She called the police. When they showed up at the complex, Alwin walked off. He was never seen again.


YouTube video:

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Alwin Albright, please contact the Gilmer Police Department at (903) 843-5545.

As for the car, there is no way we have the complete, truthful story on it. I get the feeling that Alwin thought he bought the car—that’s what he told people. But it sounds to me like more of an under the table renting situation. Really, if Alwin bought the car, how did it get moved after he disappeared? How has it disappeared completely?

I would also add that if the guy who “sold” the car to Alwin was on the up and up, the story concerning the car wouldn’t be so cloudy today. If he was a good guy, he would’ve found Alwin’s family and told them what went on with the car.

By Edward Dentzel | Patreon Blog

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