The Disappearance of Pearl Pinson: Strangers On A Street | Ep 239


Pearl Pinson was a 15 year old from Vallejo, CA. She was a typical 21st century teenager who had two siblings. On the morning of May 25, 2016, on her way to school, Pearl was attacked and taken away by Fernando Castro. He was eventually killed by police. She was never seen again.


Charley Project:


Map on YouTube:


If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Pearl Pinson, please contact Solano County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 421-7090.

What I’m saying is I think the public, myself included, can sometimes be too quick to say, “Well, that woman must’ve been attacked.” Except, there is no proof of that. In fact, I think the argument can be made that if nothing is left behind on a street on which a person disappeared, then the person was most likely NOT attacked. The person could’ve been forced—by a person with a gun or knife. But that is different than an outright attack in which an injury is caused right away.

Why is this important? Because whether a person was attacked or not can tell us a lot about why the disappearance could’ve happened.

By Edward Dentzel

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