Cieha Annette Taylor: Cover Tracks | Ep 238

Cieha Annette Taylor was a 28 year old from Dade City, FL. She graduated from high school early and had a bubbly personally. On February 6, 2020, Cieha dropped off her boyfriend at his friend’s house in Plant City then left. Three hours later her car was found abandoned on a rational track right down the street. She was never seen again.


Charley Project:


YouTube Map Analysis:


This is a possibility. There are no facts to rule it out.

Okay, now . . . the shoes. That they popped up next to the pole 10 days after Cieha disappeared has to be one of the odder things we’ve encountered in a disappearance. And they weren’t thrown down there. Somebody neatly put one shoe going one direction and the other one right beside it going opposite. So weird.

Well, like the car itself, we have the same two choices: Either Cieha left her shoes there or somebody else did. Very simple.

The tough part: We don’t know if Cieha wore those particular shoes that day or not. Well, more precisely, we don’t know if she wore them while picking Jason up and dropping him off or not.

By Edward Dentzel

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