Benjamin Archer: Vision Quest | 231


Benjamin Morse Archer was a 32 year old from Delaware City, DE. He was very artistic and had survived a serious car wreck. At approximately 6am on March 2, 2016, Ben walked away from his mother’s home. He was found a few hour later in a local park, bare foot and shivering. When his family returned later, Ben wasn’t there. He was never seen again.

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If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Ben Archer, please contact the Delaware City Police Department at (302) 836-6344.


The call to the ex-fiancee? I have no idea what to think. My guess is some employee secretly made a call and dialed the wrong number the first time. Why wouldn’t that employee just use his/her cell phone? Well, it’s easier to look like you’re doing work while being on the company’s phone than on your own. Just an idea.

So, what happened to Ben Archer?

This is another one of those disappearances where we as rational/logical-thinking people have to figure out what is going through an irrational/illogical-thinking person’s mind. Very difficult to do.

But here is what I think I know about Ben and his issues going on.

–Although Ben had a change in his world views, he was not irrational for most of the time. He was making friends, eating, sleeping, etc.

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