Patricia Marie Dudek: Out of Place | 230


Patricia Marie Dudek was a 33 year old from Salisbury, MD. She was the mother of 3 and had recently moved in with her boyfriend. On the morning of January 7, 2002, Patty’s daughter left for school while her mother and the boyfriend were arguing. When the daughter came home, Patty wasn’t there. She was never seen again.


Charley Project:

NAMUS: If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Patty Dudek, please contact the Salisbury Police Department at (410) 548-3165.


Probably, though, the biggest fact on your mind is what Patty said to Jennifer just a few weeks before Patty went missing. Patty said, “If something ever happens to me, make sure you take care of your brother and sister.” And I should say, Jennifer has done that. She has done her mother proud. Jennifer is a fantastic person to follow through with what her mother wanted.

The question we must answer is: Did Patty make that statement because she planned to run off? Or, did Patty anticipate trouble was coming her way? Or, did she say it because she was high at the time and simply paranoid?

Unfortunately, all 3 are plausible. So, it’s tough to pick one. Yet, here’s how I analyze them.

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