Jefferson Ryles Chapman: By Mistake | Ep 220


Jefferson Ryles Chapman, Ryles to those who knew him best, was a 25 year old from Dothan, Alabama. He was a father and once worked in the family business. On December 18, 2013, a chase on Ryles’s father’s property started when the father suspected Ryles of doing drugs. Ryles ran off. He was never seen again . . . or was he?





If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Ryles Chapman, please contact the Dothan Police Department at (334) 615-3000.


Excerpt from Private Patreon Blog

And I could comment on at least 50 disappearances Unfound has covered that have similar situations: a missing person being seen but no proof of it.

But then, we have this young woman who knew Ryles who claims she saw him in Panama City Beach, FL in March 2014. He saw her. He was with two other people. Ryles came up to her. They talked. And the last thing he said, “Don’t tell my mom and dad you saw me.” Then he and the others walked off.

What makes this encounter even more believable is that at the time, the woman didn’t know Ryles was missing. She didn’t live in the Dothan, AL area anymore, so she wasn’t aware of the situation. And it wasn’t until she talked to her family—days later, weeks later?–that she found out Ryles had been missing for a few months. That’s when she said she saw him in Panama City Beach.

So, to put it another way. She didn’t bring up Ryles until her family said Ryles was missing. So, I guess, the woman followed Ryles’ request that the woman keep her mouth shut about seeing him. Then, of course, she blabbed when she found out Ryles was missing. Which totally makes sense. And because it makes sense, the story seems believable. Maybe.

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