Jodi Huisentruit: Running Late | Ep 218

Jodi Sue Huisentruit was a 27 year old from Mason City, Iowa. She was a reporter and had dreams of hosting a national news show. In the early morning hours of June 27, 1995, Jodi left for work. However, she never arrived. Jodi’s possessions would later be found strewn across her apartment’s parking lot. She was never seen again.





If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Jodi Huisentruit, please the Mason City Police Department at (641) 421-3636.

Excerpt from Private Patreon Blog

Could a woman have become fed up with Jodi? Absolutely. In fact, let’s not forget: John Van Sice claims he actually had a girlfriend at the time of Jodi’s disappearance. So, could his girlfriend have been the culprit? Did John’s girlfriend get some other guy to make Jodi go away? There are no facts disputing that possibility. This could also take into account why the attacker seemingly waited as long as he/they did—because he/they were under orders to get rid of Jodi or else.

So, it’s possible.

Keep in mind, I am only using John’s girlfriend as an example. There very well could’ve been other women who felt the same way. In fact, if you dive into the Websleuths thread regarding Jodi—and it is LONG—you’ll find people wondering if one of Jodi’s co-workers set the attack up for “work jealousy” reasons. Go ahead and look—the comments are there. Even to the point that allegations have been made against the woman who called Jodi at home that morning. Yes, really.

That’s a theory for you to entertain.

Allow me to now write about the witness—this guy who allegedly saw a white van in Jodi’s apartment complex that morning. Do we believe him?

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