Angela Green: No Signs of Death | Ep 217

Angela Green was a 51 year old from Prairie Village, KS. She was born in China and was a stay at home mom. On June 20, 2019, Angela kicked her daughter out of the house. The next day, Angela and her husband visited his brother and sister in law. After that, stories vary regarding Angela. She was never seen again.





If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Angela Green, please contact the Prairie Village Police Department at (913) 642-6868.

Excerpt from Edward Dentzle’s Private Patreon Blog

This was a big deal in the Green household. What stands out, though, is Jeff didn’t seem to side with Angela. I think this is where the problems started. And as I noted in the interview, I found it interesting that Ellie was closer to her mother, but it was Ellie’s father who seemed to side with Ellie regarding her education and other interests. Interesting.

Let me write about something else that popped up in the interview section: The fact that Jeff had, uh, “threatened” to take Angela to a mental hospital. I asked Ellie if that was a funny comment her dad just like to say to mess around. Ellie didn’t believe so—she believed he was serious.

Thus, I gotta ask: Was there something wrong with Angela? Did she have some type of mental affliction? If so, was she never medicated for it? Did she ever get an evaluation?

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