Debra Lynn Bowman: In My Town | Ep 215

Debra Lynn Bowman was a 40 year old from Largo, Florida. She was a mother and had a stroke at the age of 35 that left her unable to talk. On May 26, 2004, her landlord took Debra to the hospital due to a back problem. 3 hours later, Debra called to be picked up. When the landlord arrived, Debra wasn’t there. She was never seen again.


If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Debra Bowman, please contact the Largo Police Department at (727) 586-7480.

Map analysis | Debra Bowman

Excerpt from private Patreon blog

Thus, here is my best guess as to what happened to Debra Bowman?

The tough part I have, and I’ve said and written this already, is that Betty’s actions seem very contradictory. Why is that? Why would she save all the Social Security checks BUT not go immediately to Debra’s family when she went missing?

How could Betty be a friend of the family, taking on the responsibility of housing Debra, BUT Betty didn’t do any searches for Debra that night?

Why would Betty make herself look guilty by some of the things she did BUT we surely can’t believe a 60 year something year old woman caused a disappearance all by herself?

You see what I’m saying? I wish Betty was still around so we could ask her but she’s been dead a long time now. I also wish that Debra’s family would’ve pressed Betty a little harder to reveal why these points don’t make any sense.

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