Douglas Carl Jones: On The Job | Ep 214

Douglas Carl Jones was a 35 year old from Simpsonville, South Carolina. He was a plumber and former star athlete. In the late afternoon of July 30, 1997, Doug bought some items for a job he was to do that evening. He never arrived at the work site. Doug’s truck was found near his home the next day. He was never seen again.




If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Douglas Jones, please contact the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office at (864) 271-5210.


If you don’t think this is a huge point, think about this. Remember who actually found Doug’s truck: a stranger. A woman who didn’t know him. A woman who didn’t know what kind of truck he drove. She didn’t live on the same street. She didn’t know Doug was missing.

Yet, she saw the truck down by the creek and called police. For all she knew, the truck broke down. Or was out of gas. Or something.

Thus, a stranger, knowing essentially nothing, called the truck in. BUT the neighbors didn’t say anything to police IF they saw Doug’s truck in front of his house after they found out he was missing. Do you not find that odd?

Remember, the month was July. No sunset until like 8:30pm. In addition, with it being summer, there would’ve been kids out. And there were houses on all sides. And seemingly no one saw anything.

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