Robert Hurt: Altered States

Robert Isaac Hurt, Robbie to those who knew him best, was a 37 year old from Ringgold, VA. He was a married father of three and worked in construction. On the evening of December 9, 2018, Robbie left a friend’s house in an agitated state, after recovering from a drug overdose. Robbie’s truck was found a mile down the road. He was never seen again.


If anyone has any information regarding the disappearance of Robbie Hurt, please contact the Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Office at (434) 432-7800.

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The topic of “Could my loved one be out there but he/she not know who he/she is” comes up in my private conversations with future guests. Not as much as you might think, given the attention the topic of “amnesiac fugue” gets in many other true crime podcasts and tv shows—which is a lot. But it does come up.

How do I handle it? Pretty much the same way you hear me handle it in public—I tell these people that it’s rare. In fact, it’s SO rare that it’s really not worth talking about.

I don’t respond that way because I’m cold-hearted—as you know, I’m not. But I respond that way because even if it IS true, I’m not sure what we could do with the info.

For example, let’s just say, magically, that we know a missing person is out there alive but she doesn’t know who she is. She’s taken on a different name but we don’t know what the name is. She’s living in the USA but we don’t know where. Let’s just say.

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