Unfound Podcast IV Anniversary

Excerpt from Private Patreon Blog

So, I celebrate the fact that I get to now help people with the biggest problems they have in their lives. I get to use my speaking skills. And writing skills. And research skills. And critical thinking skills. And creative skills. For the service of others.

Granted, I think most people who have known me for a very long time are very surprised. Well, uh, hosting Unfound has changed some of my world views quite a bit. I’ve started to really realize the idea of “not sweating the small stuff.” That there are many things in our lives that we make out to be important, when they really aren’t. That there are people who on a daily basis has emotional pain in their lives that may never go away—these are the people who truly have difficult lives.

Me? Compared to them, I got it made.

But because of that, I feel I have a responsibility to do what I can. In fact, we all have a responsibility to do what we can. This is why I’ve always stressed that Unfound is not an entertainment show. It’s a news program. It’s an educational outlet for anyone who is interested in disappearances to learn more about them and to see what it takes to solve them. In the process, we analyze what’s going right and what’s going wrong. Unfound is not something that is just meant to take up a couple hours of your day.

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