Vanessa Sue Orren | Losing Touch | Ep 207





If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Vanessa Orren, please contact the Sublette County Sheriff’s Office at (307) 367-4378.

Excerpts from Unfound’s Private Blog about this case:

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There’s another point in all this that can’t be ignored although it doesn’t speak too well of Vanessa. I got the feeling from Tinker and Teresa that she wasn’t exactly reaching out to people either. In fact, you heard Tinker say that she sent Vanessa many birthday cards and Vanessa wouldn’t accept them—that’s what the postmaster said.

So maybe the reason nobody noticed Vanessa went missing is because she burned too many bridges. Just a thought.

Let’s move to the other big part of this disappearance: the dayplanner. As I told all of you in the summation, Det. Allen told me there is more to the “Robert had the dayplanner” story than what I know. He told me this AFTER I had already spoken to Teresa who got the book from Robert.

So, what could Det. Allen mean? What could be the “more to the story?”

Well, I gotta tell you. And I could be WAY off on this. There was something that occurred to me after speaking to Teresa.

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