Esther Westenbarger: Coming Home

Esther Lucille Westenbarger was a 51 year old woman from Kokomo, IN. She had just gotten a nice buyout package from Chrysler and was looking to enjoy some time with her family. On November 12, 2009, she visited Hoosier’s Bar, then walked to Miller’s Tavern with friends. However, she had to walk back to her car at the first bar alone. She was never seen again. Page:

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Esther Westenbarger, please contact the Howard County Sheriff’s Department at (765) 456-2020.






Excerpts from Unfound’s Private Blog about this case:

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But none of them are really like Esther’s. And I’ve talked about—who could’ve suspected she ended up in a body of water when there are so few of them in the Kokomo, IN area, especially since she only had less than a mile to get home?

Now, having said ALL that, I’ve already gotten an email from somebody in Conspiracyland who believes Esther’s death could’ve been staged. To be honest, the person said he would get back to me with his theory—and I blocked him before that could happen. Why did I do that? If a person is going to email me and tell me a conspiracy theory, then he/she should just take the time to tell me the story in the first email. Just give me the dinner, not the appetizer.

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