Fredrick Joseph Boehm | Memory Imperfect | Ep 205

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I was REALLY surprised how nice an area it is where Joe and the others were living at the time. Given that Joe had a drug issue. And Coley had a drug issue. And Angelia probably did too. AND none of them were raking in the cash. The area is really nice with a big house with a gate right across the street from 3005 Victory Dr., Marshall, TX. VERY surprised.

This is a factor in my opinion.

In addition, the four lane highway (Victory Dr.) does not have a sidewalk on either side. Meaning, if Joe did go for a walk that night, he would’ve walked on the road or very close to it. Meaning, he would be visible to anyone driving that night, even though we don’t know how many cars were on that road that night.

And despite Joe’s family putting up fliers and publicizing his disappearance, no one has ever come forward to say he or she saw Joe walking that night.

This reminds me of Crystal Morrison’s disappearance. No one saw her walking—either to the Shell station or after. But we now know what happened, at least after. Crystal strayed into the woods and died due to exposure. Thus, the reason she wasn’t seen is because, at least after the Shell station, she didn’t walk on the road.

Fredrick Joseph Boehm, Little Joe to those who loved him most, was a 23 year old from Marshall, TX. He had multiple siblings and loved to fish. On the night of January 25, 2001, while living with friends, Joe got a call from an unknown person. Joe immediately left the house walking, saying he wouldn’t be back that night. He was never seen again.





If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Joe Boehm, please contact the Marshall Police Department at (903) 935-4575.

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