Jackie “Bucky” Letney | North To Alaska | Ep 204

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So . . . those envelopes. Why would Bucky put the return address as “Boundary, AK” but use a Fairbanks zip code? Furthermore, since Tok was closer to Boundary, and HAD a post office, why didn’t he use the Tok zip code? Really . . . how is a letter, if returned, supposed to get from Fairbanks to Boundary? I have no idea. I GUESS it’s possible.

On the other hand, when all of us write letters (uh, do we even do that anymore?), do we really pay that much attention to the return address we put on it? I mean, I’m not saying we don’t write the correct address down. What I mean is, we internally believe the letter is going to get to its destination. Thus, the return address up in the left hand corner is mostly something we just do by habit and NOT because we really believe we’ll ever see the letter and envelope again.

Knowing that, I’m wondering if that’s what was going through Bucky’s head when he wrote on those envelopes. “Hey, these things will get to Texas. No reason to be exact on the return address.” Certainly possible.

The ironic part? It seems that on the one envelope, something did go wrong when it was sent out. The ironic ironic part? The problem seems to have been with the address it was going to in Texas, and NOT a problem with the return address.

The ironic ironic ironic part? It seems that the mis-addressed envelope actually found its way BACK TO BUCKY, he then fixed it, and the envelope with letter inside was sent out again, making its way to Texas successfully.

THAT is crazy.

Jackie Larry Letney, Bucky to those who loved him most, was a 34 year old from Zavalla, TX. He was a father and had made a living as a trapper. Some time in February 1987, seemingly in Boundary, AK, Bucky left where he was living to walk to the store. He never returned. He was never seen again.

CHARLEY PROJECT: http://charleyproject.org/case/jackie-larry-letney

NAMUS: https://www.namus.gov/MissingPersons/Case#/15627

ARTICLES: https://dps.alaska.gov/getmedia/f8869995-260a-4167-9660-3a280306c274/Letney


If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Jackie “Bucky” Letney, please contact the Alaska State Police at (907) 269-5511.

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